jessica melville

jessica melville
MEET Ma. Antonette Martinez

Human Resources Intern

Team Human Resources

Segment Corporate

Location Manila, Philippines

Experience level Intern

University Philippines Women’s University

Personal interests

I’m an animal lover! I have two beautiful dogs, Tanner and Cooper, with whom I enjoy spending time with. Having a very special bond with them brings me so much joy and calmness.

Cooper and Tanner

I also consider myself a book nerd. I love losing myself in a good novel as it allows me to mentally visit places I’ve never been to or witness the creative imagination of other people. Finally, I’m trying to commit myself to a healthier lifestyle, so I’m currently exploring various online exercise programs and trying out healthier foods.

Why did you pursue an internship with Willis Towers Watson?

I’ve always wanted to start a career in the professional services industry, particularly in consulting. When I learned about the Willis Towers Watson Business Operations Internship program, I started researching more about the company and was amazed to find out that Willis Towers Watson is one of the top global advisory organizations in the industry. I was also motivated by the company’s inclusive and hands-on approach, where interns are encouraged to think around a problem in order to develop their skills.

Has your internship been completely virtual/remote working or is it a hybrid? What’s been your experience so far?

My internship is virtual. Working remotely is different from working in an physical office since everything is done online. Nevertheless, the experience is still valuable and rewarding.

Ma. Antonette’s workplace

Participating in a fully virtual internship has made me realize the importance of staying connected and building relations with my fellow colleagues. I am delighted to see how close, supportive and welcoming my team is even though we are all working remotely. This close-knit culture has allowed me to connect seamlessly with my team and feel comfortable to ask questions about a specific task or project.

What training and development opportunities have you enjoyed so far?

Willis Towers Watson prioritizes the professional growth of its colleagues, particularly interns. So far, I’ve been upskilled to communicate effectively and professionally with people within and outside of the company. Also, I am consistently guided on the proper standards and procedures to carry out tasks related to our projects.

Are there any special highlights of your internship experience so far?

Being a Human Resources intern for more than a month now, I’ve worked on various internal projects, including celebrating Inclusion & Diversity in the workplace by supporting Pride Month-related initiatives, recognizing top performing individuals and preparing trainings for colleagues. I’m also amazed at how Willis Towers Watson values and prioritizes its teams’ growth and wellbeing by ensuring a strong work-life balance. It’s no wonder why colleagues are committed and motivated to perform at their best.

How would you describe the culture at Willis Towers Watson?

I have found the culture here nurturing, motivating and transparent. Willis Towers Watson has a welcoming environment where everyone is comfortable to bring their true self to work.

I value the fact that colleagues are recognized as esteemed members of a team; colleagues are empowered to share their ideas and communicate their opinions. I admire our leaders as they often encourage team members to speak up. This makes me feel more confident to share my own thoughts as my ideas and opinions are truly heard and taken into consideration.

Based on your experience, would you recommend other professionals to enrol for an internship at Willis Towers Watson? What advice would you give them?

I would recommend enrolling in an internship at Willis Towers Watson. It is a very rewarding and worthwhile experience especially for those individuals who aspire to start their career and understand the different nuances in the corporate world.

Willis Towers Watson will help you become a highly skilled professional by giving you the tools and confidence to think around clients’ problems. My advice would be to make the most out of this opportunity by strengthening and showcasing your skills. Here, you’ll discover a lot about yourself by learning from talented, diverse individuals and leaders.